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    Paid Search
    The right mix of paid search marketing attracts your initial audience in an efficient way.
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    80 to 90% of all new business goes through Google, and that trend is not reversing itself anytime soon.
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    Social Media
    Your SEO is bolstered by your presence on social media and vice versa.
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    The human interaction of telemarketing increases sales
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    Web Design
    Good design will create trust and guide visitors to take action

Who We Are

The marketing partner for today's business landscape brings a comprehensive strategy that uses your brand to connect your company to your target audience. Although the world seems more digital, the right marketing partner uses technology to create a more personal relationship with your market. Next Generation Platform is the team that will create the two-way dialog, the consistent brand improvement and the meaningful analytics that will solidify your place in the market now and in the future.

What We Do

Next Generation Platform uses a proprietary system to engage cutting edge technology to improve your company's relationship with people, and we use these relationships to drive conversions. With over a decade of experience in creative optimization, media buying and planning, consumer experience aggregation and analysis, and relationship building, we will bring you measurable results quickly. Most importantly, we empower you with the details behind those results to help you strategize an even more successful, precise marketing plan for future business cycles. We engage your audience using the entire digital landscape: mobile, social, email and other methods. We keep our eyes open for the latest techniques, proactively vetting them and adding the right elements to your strategy.

Paid Search Marketing

The right mix of paid search marketing attracts your initial audience in an efficient way, providing leverage with quick leads. Analytics from paid marketing campaigns naturally feed back into a long term strategy including organic search and social media that eventually reduce the ongoing cost of maintenance for your total campaign.

Next Generation Platform directs your ad spend precisely from day one, focusing on immediate customer acquisition with an eye to the larger strategy. We are the team checking the stats multiple times a day to ensure we reach and surpass daily quotas. We have the expertise to proactively maneuver a campaign into a better space if we see increased competition or a hole in the marketplace. Engaging your customer is the center of our world, and we focus squarely on your bottom line. Here is the breakdown of our strategy:

We are well versed in many paid marketing campaign strategies, meaning that we can quickly employ real time analytics to change any aspects of a campaign that are not working. We focus on ROI, and we track all of your leads and sales through SEM conversion pixels, phone calls and analytics tracking, among many other methods. The bottom line: You will see exactly where your money is coming from, and so will we. We will attack those sources of positive income relentlessly while trimming the fat of the campaigns that do not work.

The campaign that brought in triple your sales month over month won't work next month - unless it adapts. Every quarter, your Next Generation Platform sends you a detailed plan of the short term and long term steps for adaptation in a market that is constantly moving. Setting a defined standard upfront helps create the benchmarks for future success.

We customize our search and social strategies to your business specifically; there are no one size fits all plans with Next Generation Platform. We incorporate remarketing campaigns, programmable ad buying and customized content strategies. We reach your audience through their preferred point of contact, whether that point is Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, Google, or one of many smaller, niche oriented online acquisition points or country specific search engines.

Our paid search marketing team connects with your company weekly to discuss updates on our progress, any general market or industry specific changes that may affect our results, and what we plan to do about it. Our project management system organizes our plan into an accessible and organized format that you can analyze and comment on.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

80 to 90% of all new business goes through Google, and that trend is not reversing itself anytime soon.

Many marketing experts say that if your company is not listed on the first three pages of Google results for your chosen keywords, then you may as well not be online at all.

However, doing well on Google is no longer about manipulation. That's so five years ago. Google is about people.

Next Generation Platform understands the algorithm changes that Google implements, why they do it, and what it will mean for the marketplace. Because we understand the tech behind the results, we can focus on the people who control the tech - your customers. If we focus on your customers, you win on Google. Make sense?

If you have been neglecting SEO, then the answers to the question below may be hard to answer. When you Google the keywords that your customers likely use to find solutions to their problems, do you pop up, or do your competitors? If the answer is what we think it is, then we have work to do.

Being number 1 on page 1 of Google is great, but it is not necessary - getting a great return on your investment in SEO is. We focus our efforts on making sure you get found in the right place, not just listed as number 1 for a keyword no one uses.

The Secret of Google

Since the Penguin update, a top search listing Google has been much more contingent on a site's ability to acquire and retain the attention of customers. Google tracks the amount of time potential consumers spend on a website, noting analytics like "bounce rate" and "stickiness," rewarding sites that keep people engaged for longer periods of time. What does this mean? You can forget about manipulating the technology behind Google and focus squarely on your customers for better placement, and this is exactly what we do!


Your customers run the show, whether you're talking about SEO or improving revenue that quarter. However, you only need to worry about a certain contingent of potential customers in order to profit. Have you heard of Pareto's Rule? 20% of your customers will buy 80% of your products. Look back over past receipts - you'll see this borne out in your own records. Next Generation Platform Inc. helps you find that special 20%.


Anyone can look up Pareto's Rule online - that doesn't mean they can actually help you find those special customers. However, Next Generation Platform’s staff has over a decade of experience doing just that. We have the ability to define the search experience your customer sees when searching Google or attending a social media gathering. We find your best customers by mapping out their habits online and delivering content that attracts them to your brand.


Once we understand your target market, we develop strategies from the perspective of that market. We ask the questions they would ask, and we deliver your answers to them on a silver platter. We know how to write the copy and place the content that ensures your target audience sees your response to their issues.


We meet your audience where they stand and modify our execution based on the platform we are engaging. Your audience may actually congregate around Bing or Yahoo search more than Google. If that is the case, we have the experience to optimize your presence on those platforms as well.


We hold ourselves accountable for every dollar and every minute we ask of you. This is why we constantly analyze ourselves transparently, sharing our findings with you and proactively pointing out and acting on the metrics for improvement.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Your SEO is bolstered by your presence on social media and vice versa. Another Google secret is that search listings are affected by the amount of engagement your content has on social media, making SMM an essential part of the comprehensive online marketing strategy we plan for your brand. In addition to increased visibility within search rankings, SMM has its own benefits: increased awareness, website traffic and lead generation coming straight from the social platform.

How We Help Your Business

We grow your business in four ways on social media:

  • Custom Content Creation - Original content is what gets your page noticed organically and crawled by the search engines. Both humans and search engines are expert at sniffing out copied content, so it is essential to your reputation that your content is completely yours. Next Generation Platform makes sure that it is.
  • Content Management, including a Consistent Posting Schedule - Dynamic web pages receive the most attention from humans and search engines, including social media pages. Think about it: What page do you return to the most - the page that updates once a month or the page with new and consistently relevant information every day? Next Generation Platform ensures that your social media web pages remain dynamic and organized with professional management.
  • Interactive Engagement/Social Listening - In the modern business landscape, engagement is not enough. Social listening is the new buzzword for quantifying all of the little conversations that you have on social media - aggregating complaints and suggestions into trends that you can use in your next product iteration or sales pitch. Not only does Next Generation Platform interact with your potential customers, but we also quantify those conversations into analytics that markedly improve your campaigns.
  • Growth of Platforms - If you are not growing, you are falling behind; there is no such thing as staying still. You can tell instantly if our strategies are working for you, because your numbers across all social media platforms will be going up. There are new consumers coming into the marketplace every day, and Next Generation Platform will make sure that your campaign addresses them.

Next Generation Platform helps you on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. We also help you determine the best points of contact for your target audience.

Facebook Management

With 1.5 billion profiles and growing, Facebook remains the number one destination for businesses looking to grow an online presence. Facebook is data driven with a gold mine of opportunities for social listening and precise product targeting. Next Generation Platform redesigns your page professionally, creates your Facebook content and manages the consistency and engagement of your page. For most of our clients, 1-2 posts a day will grow the account. Comments are answered within 48 hours by your specialized social media account manager.

Twitter Management

The incredibly popular micro blogging site is the center of social trends that lead to business trends. Next Generation Platform takes the pulse of your audience using Twitter's ability to easily engage social leaders one on one, aggregate group trends and build relationships with humorous, insightful and expert posts. Next Generation Platform sets a standard of interacting with 8-10 people within your target market on a daily basis, increase organic followers by a count of 300 to 400 per month and post daily, engaging and relevant content to your account to raise your customer retention rates.

Instagram Management

If you can tell the story of your brand through images, then Next Generation Platform will engage your audience. Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media platform on the Internet, and Next Generation Platform uses relevant, high quality images and high traffic hashtags to grow your audience here quickly. We typically grow our client's pages by 400-500 people per month using 1-2 daily posts.

Pinterest, LinkedIn and More: Customized Management Services

If your customers congregate on other social media sites, we will find them and conduct an appropriate strategy for that specific platform. We have years of experience with all major social media sites, and we will customize a strategy that connects your business to your clients within the format of the platform that your customers choose.

When you are ready to take your customized, comprehensive PPC, SEO and SMM strategy to the next level, call Next Generation Platform Inc. We look forward to creating and implementing the perfect marketing strategy for you!

Telemarketing Service

As industry experts in crafting effective sales calls, our experienced team at Next Generation Platform provides your business with customized messages that matter to a defined audience. Our experienced, all-star project managers work closely with you to identity and speak to a consumer segment that makes sense for the products or services that you offer rather than mass-calling as many people as possible in hopes of hitting elusive moving targets. This approach keeps costs down by saving significant time and effort.

Unlike many marketing agencies, we keep you apprised on a consistent basis of the results of your campaign rather than simply leaving you in the dark. In fact, our project managers provide a comprehensive report detailing each generated lead. We'll keep you up-to-date on the progress of the campaign as our in-house business development teams combine their efforts with our customer experience teams to craft superior telemarketing projects guaranteed to capture that elusive WOW factor.

The Two Categories of Outbound Lead Generation

Our telemarketing strategies can be broken down into two main categories.

  • We generate comprehensive lead reports, which we then pass on to your team so that they can follow up with further calls. Expectation results are customized for each project depending on factors such as the list size, the products or services involved, and the number of passes.
  • We also institute conference calls with your team for every generated lead. When circumstances permit, our business development team at Next Generation Platform facilitates the call between the prospect and your team. These particular campaigns revolve around a guaranteed percentage of leads into a specific number of companies.

Lead Nurturing Techniques

Our team does more than simply provide lists of curated leads -- we nurture these leads to ensure that as few as possible get lost in the shuffle or otherwise left behind. Our specially trained team of Lead Progression Specialists reaches out to leads in every stage of the sales cycle to ensure that as little leads as possible get left behind. We understand that in-house sales teams frequently lack the time and resources to cultivate initial-stage leads, so we'll do that for you.

Lead Cultivation From Start-to-Finish

Many of the organizations that we partner with cultivate business by maintaining and nurturing current accounts -- by contrast, our technology sales team owns the leads at all levels of the sales cycle. We work diligently on your behalf from start to finish to turn those fledgling leads into solid final sales.

Generating Quality Leads

Today's telemarketing strategies are all about generating quality leads. We facilitate that by developing a thorough understanding of the needs and preferences of a carefully curated target audience and speaking clearly and directly to that specific group. Factors that are considered into our lead reports include time frame, budget considerations, need, and authority.

Results Are Guaranteed

Please contact Next Generation Platform at your earliest convenience to find out more about how our world-class services can optimize your lead generation efforts. We'll be glad to speak with you about how our telemarketing programs can assist in building and strengthening your business pipeline.

Web Design and Development

Have Your Website Make An Impression

Consider your website as a digital storefront for your organization. Whenever a customer purchases product from your service, it will only take seconds for them to form such opinions as:

  • If they want to conduct business with you.
  • How they want to interact with you.
  • What kind of business you operate.

Thankfully, our organization puts all of these factors into consideration when it comes to putting together your site and making an incredible impression. As we create websites with the customer in mind, we build simple and easy to use sites that create a positive experience for the customer. We understand that when a user visits a site they should be able to receive the information and data they need with no problems. In addition to making your brand favorable, our easy to use system influences their buying decision.

Generating Leads With A Website

Companies are usually looking to make their website more than a billboard on the internet. Given our experience, we can help you create streamlined paths to your content and special offers. Our strategists are on hand to understand your buyer persona and create online material that your customers can't get enough of. We want your paths to be clear when it comes to reaching out to your customers and showing up at the top of online searches.

The Website Development Process

Our design is a tested website development process. It encompasses the necessary steps one should take to create an impressionable rock solid site.

Setting Goals

Determine your website goals before you dive head first into your project. So before you begin, you should ask yourself:

  • Is the site for generating leads or is it for brand awareness? What is the purpose of the site?
  • How are customers interacting with your online business? What can you learn from what you've already provided online and how can you build off of it?
  • Do you have areas of the business that you'd like to further develop? Would you like to showcase this area on your site?
  • What are your long term goals after setting up your website?

Strategy & Persona Creation

Once you've developed a clear vision of your goals, you'll have to put those ideas into action. You'll have to decide who you want visiting your site and how your site will assist them.

To begin, you'll need a strategy when it comes to marketing your site. Thankfully, our team of professionals are on hand to help you execute your plans. We'll work on the overall information architecture and content of the site so your audience is thrilled with your service. However, the topics you should consider when sculpting your customers' persona should be:

  • Who are the personas that will be interacting with your site?
  • What are their goals and motivations?
  • What drives them professionally and personally?
  • What keeps them up in the evening?
  • What problems will you solve for them?
  • Are they searching for your organization?
  • What sets your brand apart from the competition?
  • How can you create an experience that will keep them coming back?

Navigation Map & Wireframe Strategy

Once we've established the unique propositions, it's time to flesh out the website's information architecture. When it comes to the site's architecture, the wireframe and navigation map design are the blueprint of the site. The navigation map displays every page and sub-page of your website. The wireframe is a bare-bones look at the pages on your site. Developing these systems with our team will help you understand the framework of your site and visualize how the customer will navigate the website.

Creating A Site That Reflects The Brand

Once the basic elements are mapped out, we'll help you explore deeper into the site's design. As your site should be viewed as the flagship of your brand, we'll incorporate the important elements of your site such as:

  • Incorporating the colors your brand utilizes.
  • Adding concrete or abstract imagery.
  • Properly conveying the site when presented to customers.
  • Fonts used on the site.
  • Inspiration from bands you admire.

After we receive your response in regards to how you want the site presented, our team will gladly present you a draft of what your site can look like.

Front-End Development & Launch

Once we have an approved design, we begin developing what will be your site. Next Generation Platform has a comprehensive process that will get your site launched with no problems. In addition to this, we can let you sign in to navigate and test your site before it goes live.

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